Best Dual Cool & Warm Mist Humidifiers

Humidity is the presence of moisture in the air. Whenever the dryness in the air increases, throughout the year, it brings along bleeding nose, allergies, respiratory diseases and many other infections. The dryness in the air can aggravate the symptoms for cough patients, triggering allergies, and the patient with sleep apnea and bronchitis can have more bouts of cough resulting in sleepless nights.

The humidifiers are the machines that raise the humidity level of a room by adding moisture into the air. The water in the tanks of humidifiers is used to emit vapor, steam, or mist into the air through different methods.

The humidifiers were divided as warm mist humidifier and cool mist humidifiers. Warm mist humidifiers heat the water and send the steam into the air while the cool mist humidifiers use a wick and a fan blow on this wick sending water vapors into the air. Another kind of humidifier that is becoming popular due to their convenience and the latest technology is ultrasonic humidifiers.

Ultrasonic humidifiers use sound vibration for sending fine mist into the air. Due to their convenience Ultrasonic humidifiers with dual warm/cool mist humidifiers are becoming popular.

How Dual Mist Humidifiers are Functioning

Dual mist humidifiers can produce both cool and warm mist as per the condition and requirements of the user. These types of humidifiers are as good in cold winter nights sending warmth with the mist as in summer days when your room may need cool mist to make it more comfortable.

Dual mist humidifiers use the metal diaphragm to vibrate in water with ultrasonic speed to agitate the water into very small water particles to create mist. A fan pushes this mist up and out into the room where the mist evaporates before touching the ground thus adding moisture into the air.

These humidifiers offer you the choice of cool or warm mist. With the warm mist, water is heated to 176 degrees before the mist is created. The humidifier allows the mist to exit the humidifier at about 104 degrees, so it is slightly warm to touch. With cool mist option, the mist will exit to the top relative to the water temperature which will be between 50 to 80 degrees. Whether you need cool or warm steam to add the moisture into the air, a dual mist humidifier serves well in both conditions.

Advantages of a Dual mist humidifiers

Suitable for both seasons

These humidifiers are suitable for both summers and winters. You can use them throughout the year whenever the humidity level of your room is below than required. In winter, the warmth that is added with the mist creates a comfortable atmosphere especially for children and gives them relief for congestion and cold. In the same way, if you don’t require the extra warmth and still need some humidity, then you don’t have to look for another humidifier as you can switch easily to cool mist option and get the soothing mist.

Built-in filter

These ultrasonic humidifiers are designed with latest features and usually have built-in filters. These filters can remove the mineral traces or calcium or magnesium ions from hard water emitting more pure mist into the air.

Gives better control

These ultrasonic humidifiers offer more control and options. You can adjust the amount of moisture you want it to emit into the air. This way you can better control the environment of your room.

Balanced Humidity

Just as the lack of humidity causes several medical issues, in the same way, excessive humidity can make the atmosphere uncomfortable and muggy. For a balanced humidity level, it is important to keep an eye on the humidity level of the room. Dual mist humidifier detects the humidity of a room and adjusts itself to the required humidity level.

Additional functions

Ultrasonic humidifiers are designed with many additional functions for the user’s convenience. These are the auto shutoff system, or the nightlight, a light indicating when your humidifier needs a refill.


These humidifiers are built with the latest technology and thus works quietly. The noise of fan especially in cool mist humidifiers can be a nuisance, especially in baby’s nursery.

Easy to clean

These humidifiers are easy to maintain. With their built-in filter, they don’t need replacements from time to time.

Disadvantages of a Dual mist humidifier

More costly

The main disadvantages of dual mist humidifiers are their price. They are costly and may be out of reach for some people.

How to choose dual cool/warm mist humidifier

Following factors should be considered before choosing a dual mist humidifier.

1. Size of room:

The area which you want to humidify. You don’t need a big machine if your room is small. A small humidifier may not work effectively in a large area. Manufacturers mention the area a specific humidifier is designed to humidify in the product specification. So always go through all details before buying a humidifier.

2. Humidistat:

To avoid the excessive humidity level of a room, it is better to choose one with a humidistat which automatically shuts off when the humidity of a room reaches its required level.

3. Easy to clean

All humidifiers need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Always choose a humidifier that is easy to clean. A humidifier with larger opening of the water tank will be easy to clean from inside.

4. Humidifier with timer

Some dual humidifiers have a timer option which allows you to set the time to stop the humidifier after a certain period. So you can choose the similar one as it will be more convenient.

Best Dual Cool & Warm Mist Humidifiers

If you are looking for a dual mist humidifier, then we have selected some of the best humidifiers for your convenience. You can choose the one that suits both your budget and requirement.

SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual-Mist Warm/Cool Humidifier


This ultrasonic dual-mist humidifier can emit both warm mist and cool mist as per your preference. With its ion exchange filter, you can breathe without worrying about the white dust or other mineral deposits. The ion filter removes the calcium and magnesium traces from the hard water making sure no dust particles are emitted into the air.


  • Both cool and warm mist options for your convenience
  • Covers wide area with its bi-directional nozzle.
  • You can direct the humidity at a direction with its adjustable 360 degrees rotatable outlets.


  • May not work better for larger rooms.
  • Ion filters need to be changed from time to time.
  • With 4-litre tank can continue working 12 hours for cool mist and 10 hours for warm mist. So have to refill again after 10-12 hours.
  • Its fan may produce sound.
SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual-Mist Warm/Cool Humidifier with Ion...
SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic Dual-Mist Warm/Cool Humidifier with Ion...
Dual function: Warm and Cool mist; ION exchange filter; Ultrasonic generator; Humidity output: 400cc/hour
$107.00 −$21.17 $85.83

Elechomes Humidifier


This ultrasonic humidifier is designed with the latest technology and includes many functions for your convenience. Not only the humidifier can detect the humidity level of your room with its smart sensors, but it regulates the amount of humidity it is producing according to that level to ensure the optimum level of humidity. With its built-in hygrometer, the machine automatically stops working when the humidity reaches the desired level. Its built-in filter removes the mineral traces from the water ensure the mist is free of any dust particles or unhealthy allergens.


  • Humidity sensors detect the humidity level of the room produce humidity as much as is needed.
  • Built-in filter to provide clean and healthy mist.
  • LED screen that is touch screen and easy to use.
  • Auto shutoff when the tank is removed or water needs to be refilled.
  • Large capacity, one tank will last up to 60 hours of continuous working.
  • Large enough to humidify up to 750 sq feet area.
  • Latest design will enhance the beauty of your interior.


  • It is expensive, and some people may not afford it.
  • Too big for small nurseries although it can adjust to the amount of humidity a room need.
  • Takes more space.

Hupro Humidifier

Hupro Humidifier

Hupro Humidifier offers both off both worlds like every humidifier in this article. This humidifiers can keep the humidity levels between 30% and 70% automatically. It is ultra quiet with less then 30db and will not interfere with your sleep. This humidifier is perfect for the ones that suffers from dry skin and other conditions. Also it is good for pets as will help them go over easily.


  • Features a 6L water tank for large capacity;
  • Generates superfine mist by 2.4 billion vіbratіons per minute;
  • Works in rooms up to 500 square feet;
  • Lasts up to 40 hours between refills;
  • Offers adjustable cool and warm mist settings;
  • Works at near silence frequency;
  • Produces 300 million cleansing ions per minute.


  • Comprehensive coverage up to 500 square feet;
  • Lasts up to 40 hours between refills;
  • Adjustable cool and warm mist setting
  • Works at near silence frequency
  • Produces 300 million cleansing ions per minute


  • 1 year warranty

Levoit Humidifiers


Levoit’s Humidifier is a classy piece designed with modern technology. It makes your living space comfortable by adding very fine mist into the air. With its large capacity, It gives nonstop humidity continuously for 20-36 hours. You can customize the humidity level, and its built-in sensors detect the exact humidity level. You can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil in the aroma box to feel the fresh fragrance in the room. The humidifiers also come in smaller capacity tanks.


  • Modern design and stylish look.
  • Gives both cool and warm mist options.
  • Large capacity tank and can go on working for 20-30 hours.
  • Adjustable humidity level.
  • LED screen that is touchscreen and you easy to use.
  • Neutralize any airborne bacteria.
  • Comes with aroma box. You can add your favorite essential oil to it.
  • Works quietly.


  • The humidifier is expensive.
  • Covers more space.

Elechomes SH8830 Humidifier

Elechomes SH8830 Humidifier

The Elechomes ’ ultrasonic humidifier gives both cool mist and warm mist options. With its extra-large capacity 6.5L(1.72Gal) , it can go on working continuously for 72 hours. Its clean mist antimicrobial technology, prevent the growth of mold or mildew on the surface of the tank. It also comes with a demineralized cartridge that removes the impurities from the water making it suitable for our health.


1. Extra-large capacity and goes on working for longer period nonstop.
2. Comes with the cartridge to remove the mineral traces from the water.
3. Offers both cool mist and warm mist.
4. Anti-microbial technology prevents the growth of mold or mildew on the surface of the tank.
5. The tank is easy to remove, fill, and clean.


1. No humidity sensor or built-in hygrometer to sense the humidity level of the room.
2. The cartridge needs to be replaced from time to time.

Ultrasonic humidifiers with both warm mist and cool mist options are more advanced and come with the additional features. They may be a bit pricey as compared to other normal humidifiers but they offer more useful options and convenient control. A little investment in the health of your loved ones is actually not expensive at all.

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