Best Humidifiers For Sinus Problems

Best Humidifiers for sinus problems help you navigate the cold season like a pro! No more dry skin, difficulties while breathing, dried airways and stuffy nose. Studies show that about 37 million people a year, have sinus infections and they would do anything to get rid of them.

The sinuses are pockets filled with air, located in the nose, lined with a mucus. A swollen nose causes pain, congestion, cough, increased nasal secretions and sometimes facial and teeth pains.

The Right Way To Use a Humidifier for Sinusitis

On the one hand, there are quite a few factors that cause sinusitis:

  • Allergies
  • Viruses
  • Bacteria
  • Mushrooms
  • Overloading nasal products
  • Swimming/Diving
  • Irritating pollutants and smoking
  • Lack of moisture
  • Nasal anomalies

On the other hand, there is an extensive list of symptoms of a nasal infection:

  • runny nose
  • headaches
  • pain and facial pressure
  • pain when you move
  • greenish yellow secretions
  • phlegmatic cough
  • fever
  • bad breath
  • toothache
  • loss of taste and smell

When the air you breathe is too dry, the mucus in your nose and sinuses does not flow properly and your sinuses will not empty as well as they should. Congestion can then lead to sinus pain and sinusitis. Sinusitis experts agree that adding moisture to the air with a humidifier is usually good for sinus health.

Humidifiers can help with nasal congestion by providing more moisture to the air that you breathe. The nose is supposed to provide moisture to the air it takes in, while also heating and cleaning it.
Forced heating systems in homes and workplaces often overly dry the nasal passages, aggravating allergies and sinusitis.
Mark A. Zacharek, MD,Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit

How can a humidifier provide relief from all these troubles? Mist helps to moisten the sinuses. Use drops of eucalyptus or menthol if your humidifier doubles as an aromatherapy diffuser. Humidifiers have an important impact on both the health and the home environment. At a preventive level, they limit the appearance of respiratory complications and infectious diseases. They also preserve a healthy moisture in the ambient, essential for healthy skin. Last, but very important, humidifiers maintain in good condition books, houseplants, furniture and appliances which can suffer from dry air.

Is warm or cool mist humidifier better for sinuses?

How can you know if you need a humidifier? The first thing is to measure the humidity levels in the house. The ideal measurements oscillate between 40 and 60% according to some, and between 35 and 55% according to others. Use a hygrometer to measure the humidity percentage in your environment and see for sure if the air is too dry. If this measurement registers levels lower than 35% it is time to take action. Buying a humidifier can prove to be a long run success. Humidifiers are simple and inexpensive devices that can provide numerous advantages. Health is something too valuable to be put at risk! A humidifier is always a good investment when health is concerned, especially when there are also babies or toddlers in the household.

There is also quite a dilemma ongoing whether a warm or cool mist humidifier is better for soothing sinuses.

Hot Mist Humidifiers- Best Humidifiers For Sinus Problems

As the name suggests, a hot air humidifier releases hot steam in the room, heated by the radiator inside the appliance. This type of model boils the water from the tank, creating a delicate hot steam spray that then spreads into the room. Some hot steam humidifiers come with a mineral water absorption system. This prevents that “white dust” from being released in the room. Most models also include a reservoir to put essential oils, doubling as aromatherapy diffusers. Essential oils, such as the eucalyptus, peppermint, tea tree, thyme, oregano, lavender, cinnamon, lemon, peppermint help with better breathing and provide relief for the congested sinuses.


  • Some doctors recommend the use of a hot air humidifier because the hot air released in the air makes breathing easier
  • Because the humidifier heats the in the tank helps eliminate viruses, germs and mold which prevents their presence in the breathable air
  • The hot steam has a calming effect in the cold and flu season (especially in winter), allowing the airways to relax
  • The steam gently heats the air in the room, being extremely useful in the cooler periods of the year
  • It is quieter compared to a cold air model


  • The presence of the water heating system results in a slightly higher price than cold air models
  • It consumes more electricity due to this water heating system
  • The water in the tank boils and becomes extremely hot, creating the danger of burns, particularly dangerous in the case of babies and curious children, but also adults

Cold Mist Humidifier- Second best when it comes to sinus troubles

A cold air humidifier does not have an element that can heat the water vapor when released into the room air. So the vapor is either the same temperature as the room or a lower one. A cold mist humidifier uses two methods to disperse mist in the room: evaporation or ultrasonic waves.
An evaporation humidifier has a fan that directs the air from the room through a filter that absorbs water in the humidifier container. When the air pushed by the fan passes through this filter, it evaporates and is dispersed in the air, humidifying the nearby area. Of all the models of cold air humidifiers, it manages to humidify the room air in a natural way. It is, however, one of the noisiest types. The ultrasonic cold air humidifier does not come with a fan but uses modern technologies. It is equipped with a vibrant metal membrane that uses an ultrasonic frequency to divide the water from the tank into tiny drops and turn it into a cold mist that gets released into the air, in the room. This type of humidifier tends to work with less noise.


  • It uses less electricity compared to hot mist models, being more energy efficient
  • There is no risk of scalding or burning during use which makes it safer to use around children
  • A cold mist humidifier is cheaper
  • Pediatricians recommend these models to help keep the symptoms of diphtheria under control which makes it particularly useful for babies and toddlers
  • It is very silent, again a pro for use in the nursery


  • Lacking a heating element, the cold mist humidifier can host harmful bacteria and mold. These can form in the appliance’s water tank and on the filter (the evaporation model usually has filters)
  • To prevent the spread of the potentially harmful bacteria means a cold mist humidifier requires frequent maintenance and  in-depth cleaning
  • The fan cold mist humidifier produces a higher noise (the ultrasonic model may be helpful in this case)
  • They require frequent filter  replacing – one to two months – depending on the water quality and frequency of use

Will cool mist humidifier help a stuffy nose?

If you are amongst those who frequently have a stuffy nose throughout the cold season, you should not always blame a cold. Nasal congestion is a very common condition that occurs when the blood vessels in the nose become inflamed and the tissue swells, creating the “stuffy” feeling. Some of the following can help, at least with calming the symptoms: a hot shower, a saline spray, decongestant, hot compresses, a nasal irrigator.

A humidifier is also very helpful. The mist humidifies the air in the room and can thin the mucus from the nose and allow it to leak, thus releasing the nose. A cold mist humidifier is particularly recommended since cold air also reduces the inflammation of the nasal membranes. However, to be effective, the humidifier must be clean, otherwise, it can spread harmful bacteria with the soothing mist.

The Best Humidifier for Baby’s Stuffy Nose?

The stuffed nose prevents the little ones from breathing freely and causes them to inhale air through the mouth, which can result in irritation of the throat, dry mouth and poor quality rest during the night.

For newborns, nasal congestion can affect breastfeeding and in rare situations can even cause serious breathing disorder. In older children, a clogged nose can influence hearing and speech capacity.

Air humidification is the most common method used to relieve a baby’s stuffy nose together with saline (saltwater) drops.

For safety reasons, the best humidifier for a baby’s stuffy nose should be a cool mist humidifier model.

How does a cool mist humidifier help stuffy nose?

When it comes to choosing the best humidifier for the nursery, you should eliminate the hot steam humidifiers: they present the risk of burning for the baby and toddler later on and can overheat his room.  It is best to use a cool mist humidifier to answer to the little one’s needs. Ultrasonic humidifiers are also effective, and often have interesting options, such as an integrated hygrometer to control the room’s humidity. Extra helpful features: some models feature night lights to create a relaxing ambient while other allow the essential oils diffusing. However, this last option should be used with great caution and with the pediatrician’s consent! Finally, whatever your choice, check that the humidifier complies with the FDA standard.

Best Humidifiers For Sinus Problems

LEVOIT Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

This premium humidifier provides 40 hours of continuous use with up to 250ml/hr ultra high mist output. Using modern technologies it is ultra quiet producing less than 40dB noise. The 3 humidity levels are ideal for a customized experience. The aromatherapy function is a very attractive add-on.


  • One-Touch Control: Switch between 3 mist levels and turn on the nightlight with just 1 button
  • 4.5L Water Tank / 40 Hours Working Time
  • Elevated 360° rotation mist nozzle: prevents moisture from collecting on the humidifier surface
  • Aromatherapy box

URPOWER Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier, 5L

Enjoy the power to create a healthy and relaxing environment in your home with the help of this large capacity humidifier. Besides adding a decorative touch to any room, this model produces mist up to 350ml/h. This amount is easily controllable with 3 mist modes.


  • Sleep mode
  • Adjustable Mist
  • Auto shut off for safety
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Working time: 14 -17 hours

MistAire Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, 1.5L

Great for a small to medium sized room the 1.5-liter tank delivers a moisture output of 150 milliliters per hour. This model has a 360° rotation mist nozzle that distributes moisture evenly. On the low setting, you can expect up to 16 hours of continuous, safe operation.


  • Moisturizes the air for up to 16 hours of continuous operation
  • High and low-speed settings
  • 1.5 L water tank
  • Automatic shutoff

LEVOIT Humidifier Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier with Hygrometer and Remote, 5.5L

If you are looking for the powerhouse humidifier for sinus problems rejoice! This Levoit humidifier takes care of all your needs, throughout the house. It provides both cool and warm mist, as desired, with an output of 450ml/hr. The HUMIDITY SENSOR & AUTO MODE allows the machine to work independently in order to maintain the perfect humidity levels. The remote control allows you to easily shuffle through the 5 mist settings. The aroma diffuser feature is handy when you want extra relief from colds, stuffy nose or simply love your home to smell great.


  • Warm & Cool mist functions
  • Super high mist output up to 450ml/hr
  • Adjustable dual 360° nozzles
  • Humidity sensor & Auto Mode help you keep tabs on your surroundings
  • Up to 36 hours continuous use
  • Covers up to 753 ft²
  • Intuitive, touch control panel and remote access:
  • 5 cool or warm mist settings; specify a humidity level (30-80%RH); program a timer (up to 12 hours)
  • Quiet, Ultrasonic air diffusion produces less than 36 dB
  • Aroma diffuser: Comes with 2 aroma pads
  • Easy to clean

iTvanila Cool Mist Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Humidifier,5L

This intelligent, silent and portable air humidifier works silently and smoothly to help relieve some dry skin, sinus congestion, allergies. The included humidistat function automatically adjusts the amount of mist according to the ambient humidity. Sensitive touch panel facilitates control over the cool mist humidifier’s 3 settings low-middle-high.


  • Quick humidification
  • Humidistat function: Automatically adjust the amount of mist according to the ambient humidity sensor. Orange means particularly dry, green means rather dry, blue means a comfortable humidity
  • Sleep mode: Based on ultrasonic technology, which produces less than 35 dB of noise. The round indicator light will turn off in this mode.
  • Essential oil drawer on the side of the humidifier
  • Large capacity tank:1.32 Gallon(5L) large capacity humidifier, it can run for more than 30 hours continuously without re-filling
  • Automatic shut off when the water is gone
  • Touch panel control: control the cool mist humidifier among low-middle-high mist levels

Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aromatherapy Humidifier (6L)

50 straight hours functionality between refills that is truly an “everlasting comfort”! This model is one of the best capacity-per-dollar ultrasonic humidifiers you can buy in 2018, quiet and efficient. The mist output is strong enough to provide the necessary humidity for rooms up to 400 sq. ft. 360-degree rotating nozzles and fully adjustable mist modes contribute to a customized experience.


  • 6L (1.6gal) tank, with a super high mist output up to 270ml/hr
  • Built-in essential oil diffuser
  • Blue LED nightlight
  • 360-degree rotating nozzles and fully adjustable mist and steam output knob
  • Automatic turn off when it runs out of water
  • Unlike most ultrasonic humidifiers this model’s unique design eliminates the need for a filter and can be used with regular tap water.

TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier,3.5L

Clean, crisp and odorless air, that is what the TaoTronics humidifier provides. A classic control knob control allows the user to choose the preferred steam output and you have an entire dial to choose from. Double 360-degree rotatable mist nozzles distribute mist in two directions simultaneously, a maximum output of 330 ml/h.


  • Quiet Operation and Healthy Air
  • Extra Fine Ceramic Filter filters out water impurity, harmful bacteria and bad odor at the molecular level
  • Double 360 Degree Nozzles
  • Classic Control Knob
  • Large 3.5L / 0.92gal Water Tank for up to 10-H Continuous Use

Elechomes Warm and Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier with Remote, 6L

Both cool and warm mist humidifier secures year-round comfort in your home. This model’s highlights are:  state-of-the-art, high accuracy humidity sensor and a built-in RESIN WATER SOFTEN TECHNOLOGY filter. The filter removes limescale, germs, calcium and magnesium ions in hard water to offer purer and finer mist.


  • 3 levels control for both cool and warm mist
  • Large 6L tank with dual 360-degree rotatable nozzles lasts for up to 40 hours of continuous use.
  • Can humidify rooms up to 750 sq ft
  • Intuitive, touch-sensitive buttons with LED digital screen
  • Remote Controller allows operating the humidifier from max 6m distance

Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier, 1 Gallon

Vicks humidifiers are very popular when it comes to appliances with proofed efficiency in respiratory diseases relief. Their signature Vicks VapoSteam simplifies the emission of medicated steam. This is particularly helping with a cough, minor throat and bronchial irritation relieve as well as other symptoms associated with a cold.


  • Filter Free operation
  • Tank handle for easy carrying and filling
  • Auto shut off when empty
  • 1-gallon tank capacity runs up to 12 hours per filling
  • 2 output settings for ideal comfort
  • Medicine Cup for use with liquid inhalants such as Vicks VapoSteam

Looking at all these models and the variety of functions and features they bring the approach of the cold season does not seem so frightening anymore. Choose the right model for your home, considering the surface, design and functions that you consider most important for you. Remember that maintaining your humidifier in top condition is key in order to benefit the most from it!

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