Best Mist Humidifiers Diffusers For Your Home

So you’ve decided that a simple humidifier does not meet your needs anymore. You want something more, something that will also freshen up the air in your room and create a nice, soothing effect.

In that case, a diffuser is a right device for you. It uses water in combination with essential oils and sends the aromatic mist into the air. Some immediate effects of such devices include: cough, cold, and flu relief, reduced smell of cigarettes and tobacco, as well as eliminating pet odors.

How Do Mist Humidifiers Diffusers Work?

An aroma diffuser is a device that turns water into vapor or mist. The aroma or pleasant smell comes mainly from essential oils. These are mixed in the water and carried in the ambient via mist.

Most aroma diffusers are ultrasonic nebulizers. The ultrasonic diffusers work through a ceramic plate that emits ultrasounds (not perceptible either by humans or pets). These ultrasounds break the water molecules and transform them into a thin, perfumed mist that is pushed to the outside of the diffuser by a fan. This method also contributes to athoroughly humidification of the environment.

Types of Mist Humidifiers Diffusers

From the very beginning, you must know that such devices come in a variety of patterns and colors. You can choose one that will best suit the decor of your home. Also, the price of the diffuser varies, depending on the material from which it is made.

You can buy a humidifier diffuser made out of plastic, wood, ceramic glass or metal. The more valuable the material, the more costly the product.  Given that it is a good that is always on display, it is important to decide on an aesthetically pleasing model.

An even more important criterion to consider when buying a mist humidifier diffuser is the type of aroma dispersion it provides. Different modes of operation guarantee different effects, so it is good to know all types of devices before making a purchase.

Best Device for Aromatherapy

Essential Oils Diffuser Humidifier Combo

The best way to use essential oils for safe, effective and affordable aromatherapy is to use a diffuser. These small appliances are specifically designed to properly disperse essential oils in the air.

The diffusers break down the essential oils into micro-particles that form a fresh, uniform and extremely fine mist. Unlike hot steam humidifiers that alter the properties of essential oils, diffusers use cold air and a nebulizer to preserve the power of the oils.
When you inhale the oil mist, your body absorbs the fine, pure particles, which has an immediate medicinal effect.

Caution: Traditional diffusers will have a very limited humidification capacity since their water tanks vary between 200 ml and 600 ml (far from the 2 to 6 l humidifiers). If you have a real need for humidification, it is better to move towards an ultrasonic humidifier with diffusion function.

Ultrasonic Air humidifier Diffuser Pack

Ultrasonic humidifiers with cold steam have a nebulizer just like the diffusers and they do not use heat. The absence of heat means that all the healing properties of the essential oil will be preserved in the expelled vapor.

However, it is recommended to purchase an ultrasonic humidifier with an essential oil tank independent of the water tank and designed from materials that will not be damaged by oils.

An air humidifier without diffuser function?

If you do not have a diffuser or humidifier with a tank for essential oils and you can not buy one at the moment, there is a way to experience the joys of aromatherapy with your ordinary cold or hot steam humidifier. You can soak a cotton ball with essential oil and place it on the steam outlet nozzle. This trick will diffuse the essential oil in the air to a certain extent, but obviously not as effective as a diffuser.

It is quite useful to have a humidifier with essential oil diffuser function since the aromatherapy’s benefits are numerous. On the other hand, if you do not need particular humidification for your interior (or maybe you even you have too much humidity), a simple essential oils diffuser will suffice.

What are the disadvantages of using essential oils directly in your air humidifier?

Plastics Corrosion

Because they are powerful, essential oils can cause serious damage to some humidifiers that are made of lower quality materials or which are simply unsuitable for aromatherapy. This is especially true if you use citrus essential oils, which are particularly harsh on plastics.

In addition, adding essential oils to your humidifier’s water tank can damage seals. Ultimately, this may result in leakage or complete failure of the humidifier.

Mist Finesse

Although humidifiers turn water into a fine mist, it’s not enough for essential oils. In order for your body to properly absorb the essential oil, the oil must be transformed into an extremely fine mist.

You will certainly feel therapeutic benefits but not as effective as with a diffuser.

Essential Oils Properties Alteration

If you have a hot steam humidifier, the use of essential oils with this type of device is a waste of money. The heat produced by the boiling water alters or destroys entirely the essential oils’ therapeutic properties. The room might smell good but your body will not benefit from any therapeutic benefit.

Oil Deposits on Your Furniture

The continued use of essential oils in a humidifier that does not have a function for that and hence does not separate them into superfine particles causes long-term oily deposits throughout the home. The oil films accumulate on your furniture, your floors, your walls, etc.

Important Aspects and Functions That Make the Best Mist Humidifiers Diffusers Stand Out

Diffusion Method

Most models are equipped with a single nozzle through which flavor particles are released. More efficient models have two nozzles or a mobile design that allows you to place the stream of mist and essential oil at any angle you need.

LED Display

Present in most electronic devices these days, a LED display provides extra functions for your mist humidifier diffuser. It can produce bright or diffused light, color animations, and function as a night light. Some smart displays allow you more control over the whole experience: from changing colors to adjusting the mist stream.

Auto Shut Off

A particularly important function for the long and safe operation of the misthumidifier diffuser, the auto shut off automatically and quietly turns off the device when the tank is empty of water. Otherwise, the whole process would fail and you even risk a fire. The automatic shutdown function is especially practical at night, when your alertness is low.

Other aspects you should consider when investing in misthumidifier diffuser are: the machine should emit a low level of noise if you want to have a relaxing experience. Also, maneuvering the whole process with ease is essential, hence the device should be easy to fill, add oils, control and clean.

As you can see there are plenty of reasons to use a humidifier with an essential oil diffuser function if you want to get the most benefits from aromatherapy. The market has a huge variety of models available and in the following segment you can check some of the best.

Here is our list for some of the best and most affordable diffusers on the market

Oakiy Mist Humidifiers Diffuser

Oakiy Mist Humidifiers Diffuser

This 4 liter tank humidifier diffuser is made of polypropylene. It has a 7 color night light to allow variety in soft illumination.


  • It’s tank has a capacity of 4 liters
  • It has an operation sound of 24dB
  • It has a dimension of 7.8*7.8*14.3 inches
  • It’s made of PP materials which supports the use of essential oil
  • It is BPA free, and automatically shuts off when the water level becomes low
  • It works up to 50 hours before getting empty


  • It is capacious and suitable for all space types
  • It is relatively quiet with a sound of 24dB
  • It provides soft light in 7 colors
  • It can be conveniently cleaned and refilled


  • It’s only available in one color
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The upgraded URPOWER essential oil diffuser is the ideal device to use when you want to enjoy the perfect, comfortable ambient in small bedrooms, hotel rooms, tabletops and even workplace cubicles. It has a decent, 100 ml water tank and works up to 6 hours on a single water filling. Plus, it comes with one of the most affordable prices on the market. It produces a generous amount of mist that efficiently fights dryness and stuffiness in the air.

Furthermore, it features an option to change 7 different LED colors and make the room more appealing. Very handy, it provides control over the mist mechanism offering continuous and intermittent mode. The package includes a measuring cup for convenient water filling. Lastly, you won’t sense it’s operation because it is whisper-quiet. It has 4.5 stars reviews ( thousands of them)!


  • The URPOWER Ultrasonic Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser is upgraded with a new design that produces even more mist compared to the old model.
  • It is an ideal way to add moist, comforting air to small bedrooms, hotel rooms, and any tabletop.


  • Affordable
  • Colour changing led
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Quiet


  • Hard to open
  • Small tank
  • Some find the aroma diffusing quite modest in scale

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InnoGear Upgraded Versionl Oil Diffuser Portable Ultrasonic Mist Humidifier


This No. 1 in aromatherapy diffusers segment doubles as an enthusiastic ultrasonic, cool mist humidifier. The 100 ml, upgraded InnoGear facilitates a safe, customizable scene with highlights such as: 2 mist modes– Intermittent/Continuous, 7 Color LED Lights, whisper-quiet operation and waterless, auto shut-off.


  • Small and compact but it lasts for 9 hours on a ridiculously low amount of water
  • Easy to control color/water output


  • The plug in is located on the bottom of the unit which means some juggling can occur when you want to power your device filled with water and oil. Of course you can opt to plug in and out directly into the socket and that solves it.
  • Some customers found the ON light a bit aggressive
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Essential Oil Diffuser By Smiley Daisy


SmileyDaisy is a company that makes some of the best diffusers on the market. One of those is the Hibiscus diffuser. Masterfully designed, it boasts an ultrasonic water-oxygen diffusing feature that maintains the proper molecular structure of the essential oils.

With full water capacity ( 350 ml ), it can run for about six hours and has an auto-off feature, once the tank is empty.

The diffuser has two mist mode settings: continuous mist (running non-stop until it runs out of water), or two hours auto shut-off. For optimum performance, use five drops of essential oils.


  • You can use citrus essential oils with it which some diffusers cannot handle due to it’s extra corrosive power
  • When you choose colors off it goes completely dark
  • Nice design and elegant ambiental lights


  • The lid is a little tough to get off
  • It can be a bit loud- every setting has a beep and it’s a bit too loud sometimes- if you’re a VERY light sleeper it may bother you
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URPOWER Square Aromatherapy Diffuser Humidifier

URPOWER Square Aromatherapy

This URPOWER diffuser helps not only to humidify your room but also to enjoy the benefits of the essential oils and fresh, perfumed air in your room. The nice design and 7 LEDs ambiental lights are a visual plus. Also, the device is pretty quiet so you can absolutely use it during sleep.


  • With a strong sense of aesthetics and attention to detail, it’s the perfect centerpiece for your living room.
  • Enhance your mood and sense of well-being with nature’s most pure and refreshing fragrance, lavender.
  • Built-in 7 LED lights will create a beautiful ambiance as you relax or sleep.


  • It produces a steady strong cool air mist.
  • Generous 700ml capacity tank ensures up to 20 hours of functionality
  • Shut off safety feature when out of water
  • 4 misting options—1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours, or ON (constant stream)
  • Eye catching LED colors


  • It produces a water sloshing sound which some might find relaxing but some might not like
  • Water collects inside the lid like in a green house so when you slide it off be sure to flip it onto it’s back quickly to avoid drips- keep a towel close by.

ASAKUKI 500ml Premium Diffuser Ultrasonic Humidifier


The Ultrasonic ASAKUKI premium humidifier aims to humidify air, improve sleep and provide stress relief using water and essential oils. This product has all the standard features for a great humidifier diffuser- 7 changing LED lights, continuous or intermittent mist mode and auto-off safety switch. Dimming the ambiental lights or opting between high or low mist emission makes the model stand out.


  • Auto switch off function
  • Decent 500ml water tank, could run all night on one tank
  • No parts heat up, the mist is cool and the unit is cool.
  • Small enough not to be overly noticeable


  • On a high mist setting it lasts 7-8 hours tops
  • It beeps every time you touch a button to make adjustments
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Smart Tech Diffuser Humidifiers

Levoit Ultrasonic Classic Humidifier And Oil Diffuser

Levoit Ultrasonic Classic Humidifier And Oil Diffuser

This is a 4 liter ultrasonic air vaporizer. It has a relatively low operation sound, and is very suitable for use in nurseries and bedsides. It’s equally very practical to be used in large rooms, public halls, offices, etc.


  • It acts as both humidifier and aroma diffuser
  • It has an operation sound of 25dB
  • It has a capacity of 4 liters
  • It automatically shuts off when the water inside finishes
  • It has a wide opening for easy refill and cleanup
  • It has a dimension of 8*6*14, and a weight of 3.4 pounds


  • It’s easy to use and clean
  • It allows smart control
  • It has a really quiet operation sound
  • It provides aromatherapy to it’s users with it’s aroma diffusing technology
  • It can serve as a source of soft lumination
  • It has a flexible humidity level to be chosen from


  • It doesn’t have a handle, which is very unsuitable, compared to its shape and design.
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Diffuser Love Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffuser Love Essential Oil Diffuser

This is a small-sized diffuser made of PP materials and 100% free BPA materials.


  • It has a waterless auto shut off feature
  • It is made of plastic material with a dimension of 4.3*4.3*7.9 inches
  • It has a capacity of 200-500ml
  • It provides a soft lumination as a night light
  • It has a remote control of its own, and also support smart control
  • It has an operation sound of 36dB
  • It is powered by a DC socket connected to electricity


  • It is made of environmental friendly, light materials
  • It’s remote control allows easy use
  • It has a soft light that can be easily turned off or on
  • It’s easy to use and clean
  • It’s auto shut-off allows peaceful and carefree use


  • The space is quite small. It will require constant refill
  • It’s only suitable for small to medium size spaces
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For more smart humidifiers check out this dedicated post here.

To conclude, the market has plenty to offer when it comes to mist humidifiers diffusers. Make sure to take into consideration your expectations and the space you intend to use it in.

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