Best Humidifiers for Allergies And How Humidifiers Can Help Allergies?


The importance and usefulness of humidifiers are not unknown. In winter seasons, when the dry air attacks with its cruel claw, humidifiers come to people’s aid like an angel. It works like a tonic for your dry skin, lips, sore throat, sinus, clothing, walls, wooden furniture and so on. It also helps you to get rid of your husband’s irritating sound of snoring! The most prominent discomfort of winter is an allergy. Humidifiers give you a soft touch of comfort that helps your quick recovery from allergy.

Cause of Allergy:

Allergy has many colors and types. Some people have a food allergy, some have a clothing allergy and some have smell allergy too. But, as far as humidifiers are concerned, allergies often attack from the dry air. In winter air, there are bacteria, minerals and also germs of disease. All these cause allergies. This allergy is again responsible for sinus, irritation of the nasal passage, asthma, skin problems, and eye problems too. So, lack of humidity is the main culprit for allergy. In this case, a humidifier is the best way of preventing elements that are the cause of allergy.

Humidifiers contribution in preventing allergy:

Allergy gets influence from dry air. Most of the time, in winter, you use hot air to make your living room warm. In this process, your room gets warm but lacks humidification. So, dry skin, irritation of the eyes and nasal passageway, sinus, flu, cold symptoms etc. start to live with you. The first and important duty a humidifier performs is, it humidifies the air. For this, your room gets a comfortable environment. Your skin, lips, and furniture get rid of excessive dryness.

Nowadays, two kinds of humidifiers are mostly available in the market- Ultrasonic evaporation and Steam humidifiers. Both of them work great in case of preventing allergy. Ultrasonic evaporative humidifiers have Hydro Cell technology. This helps in reducing impurities, germs and bacteria, toxic chemicals and heavy metals in the air. So, it provides you with fresh humidification and pure air in your living room.

Steam humidifiers are used mostly as they are cheap and easy to use. In this process, the water is boiled to 100⁰ C. So, you don’t have to worry about a pure humidification in this process. It also helps in keeping the air of your room pollution-free. Bacteria, toxic chemical, minerals, germs of allergy and other diseases have no chance of entrance.

Some humidifiers also have medicine cups. You can use the medicine of allergy if your situation is critical. It’s simple. Just buy a humidifier with a medicine-cup feature and remain tension-free.

In this way, humidifiers help you in keeping yourself allergy-free.

Seasonal changes may be pleasant for many, but they can be a nuisance for the allergy patients. The cold weather makes air dry which is an ideal environment for all the tree and grass to emit pollens that float around in the air with the dust particles. Humidity and rain prevent this pollen traffic, but the lack of moisture in air allow these allergens to move freely around. These allergens cause sinus problems, stuffy nose, irritated throat, and nasal passage and congestion. Not only dry weather cause these allergies, but it aggravates the symptoms making the situation worse.

That’s where humidifiers become essential. Humidifiers are machines that have the sole purpose of adding the moisture into the air and make it comfortable to breathe. Humidifier uses water in their tanks to vaporize in small particles or the form of steam and add the much-needed moisture into the air of the room. Humidifier maintains the humidity level of a room and makes the air favorable for allergic patients. Breathing in moist air relieves the discomfort and symptoms of allergies. Allergies cause nasal congestion, irritation, and inflammation of delicate and moist tissues of the nasal passage.

The right humidity level in room prevents these allergens, dust particles and dust mites from floating around in air you are inhaling and thus makes it more comfortable. It relieves the irritation and helps to release more mucus that lubricates the nasal passage and throat.

Air purifier or humidifier: which is best for allergies?

To get the answer to this question we need to understand what air purifier and humidifier do.

Air purifier

Air purifiers cleanse the air. They remove the dust particles, allergens, dust mites, odors, pet dander, pollen, and many other allergens are removed out of the air by passing it through many filters.


The humidifier does not clean the air, but it adds the moisture into the air and makes it more comfortable. The water content in air restricts the allergens and dust particles from floating around in the air and keeps them closer to ground. But it does not remove these allergens which an air purifier does.

So the difference between air purifier and a humidifier is clear. One cleanses the air from dust, pollutants, smoke, bacteria, and other allergens. But it does nothing to improve the dry air around you that irritates the nasal passage and aggravates a cough. A humidifier, on the other hand, makes the air moist but it does nothing to improve the quality of air. The allergens and pollutants remain in the air.

Air washer Humidifiers

Both humidifier and air purifier are essential. The best way to deal with allergies is to use the air washer humidifiers. These are the appliances that combine both an air purifier and a humidifier in one unit. These humidifiers not only provide the humidity but also purifies the air from all the allergens. These combination units save both space and money.

Things to consider while using a humidifier for allergy:

Although humidifiers are a great way to get rid of dry air and provides much comfort for allergies and other medical conditions, certain things should be considered while using a humidifier for allergies.


Choosing the right size of humidifier for your room is important as a smaller unit will be ineffective while a larger one can make your space more humid. A balanced humidity can be achieved through a humidifier with right capacity.

Use of a Hygrometer

Humidifiers can make your space more humid. More than required humidity level is not only uncomfortable, but it can cause more problems for allergy patients. The moist air is favorable for bacteria and another virus to grow and survive. It also causes dust mites that can aggravate the allergy symptoms. A hygrometer is an instrument that measures the humidity level of an area. So the use of a hygrometer to monitor the humidity level of a room is essential.

Cleaning the humidifier

Humidifiers need to be cleaned on a regular basis. The water tank may develop mold and mildew if you don’t clean it regularly. The salts and mineral content in water do not evaporate with water and are left behind. Over the period these mineral traces can form a hard coating inside the tank that can be a breeding ground of bacteria, virus, or mold. Therefore, a humidifier should be cleaned properly with a disinfectant regularly.

Changing the water regularly

Standing water can be a breeding ground for bacteria and virus that can be emitted into the air you are inhaling. Changing the water of your humidifier is necessary not only for allergy patients but for all users.

Use of demineralized water

Filling up the tank with filtered water is important for two reasons. First, it prevents the lime scale buildup inside the tank. Secondly, if you are using an ultrasonic humidifier, it can emit white dust with the water vapors. This white dust can cause more problems for allergy patients especially if they have a dust allergy.

What is white dust and how it can be avoided?

Tap water contains many impurities. It has salts and other minerals that do not evaporate with the water particles and are left behind. These mineral deposits are emitted into the air with water vapors. The white dust you notice on the floor, and other objects of the room are those mineral deposits. This dust can cause a problem for allergy patients.

The best way to avoid white dust is the use of demineralized water in the humidifier. These days, humidifiers come with filters to remove the mineral traces and other pathogens from water. These filters should also be cleaned on a regular basis and after a certain period should be replaced.

Best Humidifiers for Allergies

Have you been looking for a humidifier, It is difficult to choose one that works best against allergies. We have made this task easier by choosing some of the best humidifiers for allergy.

Venta LW25 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier

Venta LW25 Airwasher 2-in-1 Humidifier and Air Purifier

This humidifier is perfect to cater the allergy issues as it works both as an air purifier and a humidifier. As the dirty and polluted air passes through its rotating moistened Disc Stacks, all airborne particles adhere to this Disc Stacks thus purifying the air. The unit only emits moistened air without any dust particles or pollens. The system does not use steam or water vapors to increase the humidity level and thus over humidification becomes impossible. The Humidifier works without any filter and can be used throughout the year without having to replace the filters.


  • For spaces up to 430 square feet
  • Healthy air humidified to an optimal 40-60%
  • Cold evaporative humidification without the use of filters
  • Safe for use with tap water
  • Naturally reduces harmful pollutants in the air at a humidity level of 40-60%


  1. Combines both an air washer and humidifier.
  2. Doesn’t emit white dust.
  3. 2-gallon water reservoir.
  4. Three fan speed.


  1. Have to use demineralized water to prevent the limescale buildup.
  2. Bit pricey.
Venta LW25 Original Humidifier in White - Filter-Free Evaporative...
Venta LW25 Original Humidifier in White - Filter-Free Evaporative...
Evaporative humidification for spaces up to 430 square feet; Healthy air humidified to an optimal 40-60%

LEVOIT Humidifiers

LEVOIT Humidifiers

This humidifier uses ultrasonic mist to add the moisture into the air of your room effectively. The unit senses the right humidity level of the room so that you can set the right humidity level based on the surroundings. The humidifier is easy to operate with its touch control and remote control. With its auto mode, the humidifier automatically adjusts the humidity level of the room as needed. With its 1.5 gallons, the humidifier can continuously work and is best suited for large areas.


  • 6L / 1.59 Gallon
  • Cool & Warm Mist
  • Up to 500 ml/h
  • 753 ft² / 70 m²
  • You can use Essentials Oils
  • Smart Sensor
  • Remote Control


  1. Sense the right humidity level of surroundings.
  2. With auto mode adjusts itself to the needed humidity level.
  3. Aroma box for adding your favorite fragrance to the air.
  4. 1-5 gallon water tank, suitable for large spaces.


  1. Doesn’t include a water filter.
  2. Does not purify air.

Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Honeywell HCM350W Germ-Free Cool Mist Humidifier

This cool mist humidifier has a capacity of 1 gallon and can work continuously for 24 hours. It comes with UV technology that kills the bacteria and other pathogens into the water emitting germ-free moisture into the air. The humidifier blows off moisture through a wick filter for removing any impurities out of the water. The water tank is easy to fill and clean. The portable humidifier is easy to carry with its large recessed handle.


  • Cool Mist
  • Runs up to 24h
  • Easy to Fill and Clean


  1. Emit clean and germ-free mist into the air.
  2. Easy to clean, fill, and carry.
  3. Small and portable.
  4. Comes in two colors.


  1. Wick filter needs to be clean and replaced from time to time.
  2. No air washer.

PureGuardian H920BL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

PureGuardian H920BL Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

This cool mist humidifier is small and portable, ideal for small rooms, nurseries, and offices. It adds the cool mist into the air of room maintain the right humidity level of a room. With Silver Clean Protection, it fights the growth of mold and mildew on the surface of the tank. The unit is easy to use and provides the option of both high and low mist control. The unit comes with an optional night light to create a soothing atmosphere in the room at night.


  • Ultrasonic Technology with Cool Mist
  • Silver Clean Protection embedded on the surface of the Tank
  • Provides up to 4L of moisture output per day
  • Space-saving design great for Small Sized Rooms
  • Directional Mist Nozzle
  • 3 Speed Settings
  • Optional Night Light
  • Refill Indicator Light. Automatic Shut Off When Empty


  1. Ultrasonic technology for emitting a cool mist.
  2. Small and portable.
  3. Cost effective.
  4. High and low mist control.


  1. No filter for removing the water impurities.
  2. No air washer for cleaning the air.
PureGuardian H920BL 10-Hour Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Table Top
PureGuardian H920BL 10-Hour Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, Table Top
Sold as 1 Each; Ultrasonic Technology quietly disperses a fine mist providing relief from the dry air
$29.99 −$1.57 $28.42



Elechomes is one of the largest filter-free humidifiers you will find in the market. This 6-liter warm vaporizer which comes with a customizable output setting will humidify your air for a duration of 12 to 40 hours depending on the rate of mist output. Despite its large size, Elechomes is a whisper-quiet appliance with noise levels of 34 Db. For those who use aromatherapy, this appliance helps you diffuse your favorite essential oils. A great addition in this appliance is the remote-control feature which allows you to operate it from anywhere in the house.


  • Has an area coverage of 750 square feet.
  • Noise levels are 34 Db.
  • It has a capacity of 6 liters.
  • Has a run time of at least 12 hours and a maximum of 40 hours
  • It has a build-in aromatherapy box
  • The maximum rate of the mist output is 550ml/hr.


  • Its large tank allows for up to 40 hours of continuous use.
  • Its smart humidity sensing will detect when the level of humidity changes and adjust accordingly saving you the hustle of doing it manually.
  • It has a touch LED display which lets you know of levels of humidity at a glance.
  • It allows you to diffuse essential oils.


  • It can be risky to use in a house with young children since it has a heating element. If it is to be used, adult supervision is imperative.
Elechomes Humidifiers for Bedroom (6L), Ultra-Quiet Warm and Cool Mist...
4,633 Reviews
Elechomes Humidifiers for Bedroom (6L), Ultra-Quiet Warm and Cool Mist...
  • 6 Liter Capacity: Featuring a stunning 6L large tank and 360° adjustable dual nozzles, this...
  • Suitable for Home, Baby and Plants: You can finally breathe properly with this ultrasonic...

Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier

Everlasting Comfort Cool Mist Humidifier

This is a large (6 liters) ultrasonic, filterless air humidifier. It’s made of plastic materials, with a dimension of 11*7*13 inches.


  • It has a capacity of 6 liters
  • It’s designed with a separate essential oil tray
  • It is filterless
  • It has a flexible mist output
  • It automatically shuts off when the water level is low
  • It has an operation sound of 30db and a two year warranty


  • It has an essential oil tray to allow seamless diffusion of aromatherapy fragrance
  • It has a very buoyant tank that won’t need constant refill
  • It has a wide area coverage
  • It has a 2 years replacement policy which is pretty good
  • It’s easy to use and clean


  • It is filterless. While this could help save extra cost, it can also expose users to impurities from an impure water.

Maintenance of a Humidifier:

It is well-known that humidifiers are helpful in reducing allergy. But still, complaints come that it doesn’t work that effectively. Do you know the reason behind it? Yes, the reason is lack of proper MAINTENANCE. If you do not take care of your humidifier, then how can you hope that it will render you an excellent service? Here are some tips for you:

  • Replace your wick filter at least once a month (in case of ultrasonic humidifiers)
  • Try to use water that contains low mineral
  • Clean your humidifier according to the direction
  • Make sure that the area where you have placed your humidifier is not wet or dump


Most of us do not care about an allergy. We often give an “It’s not a big deal” kind of expression in case of allergy. But, you don’t have any imagination, how dangerous situation this simple allergy may turn into! Be careful about your room’s humidification. Use humidifiers properly. Inquire, whether your humidifier is killing the germs or not. Remember, your unconscious behavior and idleness may be the causes of your sufferings. Have a healthy life!


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