Best Smart Humidity and Temperature Monitors

Dry and cold weather brings along a lot of trouble. Not only it makes living conditions difficult, but it may also generate a lot of health issues. In most of the part of the world, winters are moving to full swing, and that calls a lot of time inside and use of heaters and humidifiers for keeping the atmosphere warm and comfortable. While heaters are great and inevitable for bearing the harsh cold weather but they bring along many of their issues.
One of the most important issues caused by heaters is dryness. The air in winters is already dry enough to cause many health issues and triggering off many allergies, and asthma attacks, the use of heaters makes it even drier that lead to dry skin and a less humidity level inside that is not comfortable at all.

The use of humidifiers in winter

Humidifiers are an excellent way to add the much-required moisture into the air and make it healthy. The humidifier uses the water in the tank to blow off cool mist or warm mist into the air and makes it easy and comfortable to breathe.
But with humidifiers comes the possibility of making your space more humid which is also a matter of great concern.

How is high humidity harmful?

Just like the low humidity can cause a lot of health issues and the possibility of triggering off many allergies, cough, cold, flue, and many other health conditions, in the same way, a more than required humidity level can also cause a lot of problems. The optimal humidity level is between 40-60 and anything below or above that is unhealthy, uncomfortable, and a matter of concern. Some of the disadvantages of high humidity are as follows:

Gives a muggy feeling

A humid atmosphere is not comfortable at all. It makes you feel muggy and sweaty. It may make you feel extra moisture in the air makes the temperature hotter than it actually is because the more moisture in the air makes it difficult for our bodies to cool down.

The growth of mold and mildew

Mold grows in a humid atmosphere. As more humidity means more moisture into the air, this moisture is ideal for the growth of mold and mildew. Not to mention this growth of mold can cause a lot of allergies and health issues for children and adult.

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The growth of bacteria and other pathogens

A humid and moist environment is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful pathogens. These bacteria and virus thrive better in moist surrounding and if inhaled can cause a lot of infections and health issues.
Damage furniture, electronics, and musical instruments

A high humidity level can not only bring along a lot of health issues and grow mold, but it can also cause damage to your expensive furniture, musical instruments, and other electronic gadgets. Electronic devices are designed to sustain a certain humidity level, and extended exposure to high humidity may damage them. Same goes for furniture and constant exposure to high humidity may damage the expensive wood.

The importance of monitoring the Humidity level

Monitoring humidity level can benefit in more than one way.

Helps to create a comfortable and healthy environment

By controlling the humidity level of your room, you can create a comfortable environment for your family members. It can help if kids have a cough, allergies, or other respiratory issues. It can give better night sleep to you and your loved ones.

Prevent mold, bacteria and other pathogens

A balanced humidity level prevents the growth of mold, mildew and other bacteria. It creates better health conditions for children and adults alike.

Save Electricity

Keeping an eye on humidity and temperature helps saving electricity. You know when its time to turn off the devices like heater or humidifier and save energy.

How can humidity be monitored?

Humidity can be monitored with the help of a hygrometer. A hygrometer is an instrument that measures the moisture in the air of. A room and gives accurate humidity level. You can adjust your humidifier or turn it off when the required humidity level is achieved. It prevents the humidity to rise above the required level. Many smart hygrometers are available in the market that measures not only humidity but also temperature. Investing in these smart devices can save you from a lot of trouble and create a better environment at home.

Best smart humidity and temperature monitor

Many smart humidity and temperature monitors are available in the market and choosing one seems a tough job as all of them claim to be the best. We have compiled a list of some of the best ones available thus making it easy to choose.

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Homidy Digital Hygrometer

Hominy’s digital hygrometer makes it easy to create a better home environment for your family’s health. The hygrometer is a professional device that is suitable for bedrooms, offices, children rooms, and any other indoor space. The smart device can rest on any table, or you can hang it on a wall, and it gives an accurate temperature and humidity level. Its imported industrial-grade sensors detect subtle changes in temperature and humidity. The device can be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit and three placement settings. The device shows six expressions that show six moods and comfort levels.

1. Gives accurate reading of temperature and Humidity level.
2. Cab be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit.
3. Elegant UI design.
4. 3600 HD-free viewing experience on wall or desk.


1. Doesn’t have a backlight.

Centralite Temp & Humidity Sensor

This one is a smart device that can be connected to your Andriod or iOS. It works with smart things and Echo Plus, and you can monitor the humidity and temperature from anywhere with a WiFi connection. You can receive alerts anywhere if the humidity level rises above the desired level and you can control the humidity of your house from anywhere keeping your space safe from mold and other high humidity dangers. The humidity sensor comes with the adhesive tape as well as mounting plate allowing you to place the sensors on the ground, near a household item, or on the wall.

1. Sense accurate humidity and temperature.
2. The smart device can be connected with Echo Plus.
3. Monitor the temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.
4. Easy to read.
5. Easy to install anywhere on a flat surface or wall.

1. The LCD screen doesn’t have a backlight.

SensorPush Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer

This wireless device works as both thermometer and a hygrometer. The smart device can be connected with your Android or iPhone through a WiFi Gateway, and you can receive the data and alerts relating to the temperature and humidity level of your space. The device has a powerful range and can cover the whole house. The device is lightweight and can be placed anywhere with ease wherefrom it can be monitored and read through your iPhone or Android from anywhere in the world. Now you can keep an eye on your belongings at home so that they remain in favorable conditions all the time. Just set it anywhere you want it, and you can read the data through Bluetooth or internet. If you are the one who loves data and graphs, then this one is probably for you as it can present the data and accurate measurements in the form of charts and graphs.

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1. Displays both humidity and temperature.
2. The smart device can be connected with iPhone or Android.
3. Wide wireless range and covers the house.
4. Accurate sensors that can sense the slight change in temperature or humidity.


1. Bit pricey.

ThermoPro TP50 Digital Hygrometer Indoor Thermometer Humidity Monitor

This digital Hygrometer and thermometer is a useful device by ThermoPro that meets your need the best. The accurate sensors tell the exact humidity level and temperature so that you can maintain a perfect environment at home or office. Not only it displays the temperature and humidity, but it keeps a record of the high and low humidity and temperature. The device displays the humidity level with comfort indicators as comfortable, wet, and dry. The device is easy to install and can be placed on any tabletop or also comes with magnet mountable design. The device comes with one year of warranty and lasts long after that.

1. Displays both humidity level and temperature.
2. Accurate reading.
3. Lightweight and can be placed anywhere or mounted on the wall.
4. Displays comfort levels.
5. Can keep a record of the high and low humidity or temperature.
6. Cost effective.

1. No LED backlight.

BALDR Mini Digital Portable Versatile Thermometer Hygrometer

This small device works wonderfully and helps you to keep control of temperature and humidity. It is a mini portable device that can be placed anywhere, or you can mount it on the wall inside rooms, baby nursery, greenhouse, or anywhere you require. It can sense the accurate temperature and humidity and displays accurate readings. The device also displays the comfort level icons as comfortable, uncomfortable, and normal conditions. The hygrometer is easy to read from a distance and is easy to operate.


1. Small and lightweight.
2. Displays both temperature and humidity.
3. Gives accurate readings.
4. Displays comfort level indicators.
5. Easy to place anywhere, mount on the wall, or attach with a magnet.

1. Doesn’t connect with Wi-Fi.
2. No LED screen and light.

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