Best Mist Humidifier With Ionizer To Also Purify Air

During dry times many allergens like dust mites swirl through the rooms. Similar conditions are experienced during winters. Itchy eyes, irritated respiratory ducts, and dry skin are the negative consequences of dry air. Dry skin should be protected and provided with enough humidity. Sufficient humidity reduces dust swirling. Mist humidifier with ionizer purifies the air and hence improves air quality. Persons suffering from allergies and skin problems have fewer troubles thanks to these humidifiers with ionizers. They can sleep better with less trouble breathing, no congestion and their quality of life improves.

Most mist humidifiers with ionizers are equipped with an integrated ionizer producing negative ions to clean indoor air and enrich it with negative ions which improve air quality. Negative ions stick to dust particles, microorganisms, and other unwanted particles and connect them. The particles get heavier, descend to the floor and are filtered by the ionizer. Negative ions support the buildup of energy reserves, as well as the metabolism, the blood circulation, and the immune system. Moreover, it can help those with problems such as allergies, asthma, and headaches. Healing processes are accelerated and stress and sleep disorders are reduced.

How a Mist Humidifier With Ionizer Can Help

Ionizers are filtering agents that are fitted in mist humidifiers and they have nothing to do with increasing the relative humidity. An ionizer, which is normally referred to as an air purifier, has an electrostatically charged plate that reverses the charge of ions. Here are some of the benefits that you will realize when using a mist humidifier with an ionizer.

  • Bacterial Infections –mist humidifier with ionizer can help reduce the risk of infections, as most viruses and bacteria struggle to travel in moist air. A humidifier can help you avoid flu infection during winters and other cold seasons.
  • Dry Skin – as you know cold air takes away moisture from your skin, which leaves you with dry skin, and causes flaking. You can easily avoid all these damaging effects with a humidifier, and help you maintain a vibrant and healthy skin.
  • Sinuses Effect – now you will be able to avoid the dry, tight feeling in your nose with the help of a mist humidifier with an ionizer. If you have sinuses, you must know how winters dry out your sinuses, which lowers your immune system. Place a humidifier in your room, and wake up with comfort.
  • Healing – if you have developed a cold, flu, congestion or a sinus infection, there is finally a way to heal them faster. Simply, you have to keep your throat, and nasal passage moist, which will reduce coughing and sneezing. To help keep your throat and nasal passage moist you will need this mist humidifier better if it was with an ionizer.

What to Check When Choosing a Mist Humidifier with Ionizer

To choose the appliance that will best suit your indoor humidification, it is prudent to consider a few things.

Size of the room

Humidity levels of between 40 % and 60 % are acceptable. For 300 square feet, you will need a small humidifier, a medium one for 400-500 square feet and a large one for a room of more than 500 square feet. Using the right size of humidifier will avoid having more than required or less than needed humidity.

Location of the humidifier

As much as you would need to humidify your rooms, say bedrooms, sitting areas or even kitchens it is advisable not to place them too close to the actual sleeping or sitting areas. This is for obvious reasons such as security and tranquility than would be otherwise be affected by the proximity of the appliance.

Chores or the intended use of the humidifier

Some use that we subject our humidifiers to require more than just cleaning them. Regular cleaning reduces the chances and rate of bacteria and lime buildup.

Some humidifiers with ionizers have funs which makes them a bit noisy when in operation. If you can keep up with it, well and good. If the humidifier is to be used in close to babies’ crib, a less noisy one would be great.

There are other parts of bargain such as inbuild timers, bells and whistle reminders to refill, adjust humidity level or turn off the appliance.

Type of humidifier with ionizer preferred

The type of humidifier will depend on the perspective. For, instance, you might consider the type of mist dispersed by the appliance either warm or cold. Ultrasonic humidifiers emit minimal noise compared to mist humidifiers which have funs. Buying decisions will be inclined on the above things that ought to be considered and it will always boil down to a personal decision.

This is an inevitable consideration since you can’t spend what you don’t have. For those who operate on tighter budgets, there are ionized humidifiers in the market that will get the job done well.

Best Mist Humidifiers With Ionizers

ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser LiteMist Ultrasonic Aromatherapy...
LiteMist aromatherapy system silently mists essential oils into your space; ZAQ Galaxy is BPA free and made of safe, health­friendly materials

Enoair Neo Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

Enoair Neo Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser

This premium essential oil diffuser and humidifier can effectively moisturize, ionize and deodorize the air. It works perfectly with any essential oil which makes it a perfect appliance to help relieve allergy and other cold flu symptoms

Make material is the durable PP. It is made of the highest quality durable PP material. It’s perfect for your bedroom, living room, bathroom, office, or even a home gym. This noise-free diffuser is simple and safe to use and clean, while still being greatly efficient.


• It has a runtime of 3-6 hours when the reservoir is full.

• It has a capacity of 120ml.


  • The ultrasonic design makes it silent in operation for a tranquil and peaceful sleep.
  • Users can use essential oils with Neo most of which have medicinal advantages.


  • Its small capacity gives one the hustle of regular refills where the humidifier is needed for extended periods.

ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser

ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser

The make and design material of the ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser makes much of a visual statement. Its ceramic outer shell which has a décor of glowing holes invokes the beauty of the night sky. Nurture relaxation and creativity with soothing aromas that stimulate your brain. Zaq Galaxy Ceramic Aromatherapy Diffuser inspires aromatic tranquillity with its compact, energy-efficient design. Just add your favorite essential oil to help revitalize your spirit and engage your emotions.


• The capacity is 200 ml.

• It has a runtime of 8 hours which is long enough to you through the night.


• Compared to most essential oil diffusers, ZAQ Galaxy has a slightly larger capacity of 200ml.

• It is a mid-sized appliance which makes it easily portable around the house. Besides, it doesn’t eat up much of your tabletop space.

• It allows one to diffuse essential oils.

• Its ionizing effects prevent bacterial infections which are mostly airborne.


• The device is mid-sized which constrains it to small rooms. It cannot be used to diffuse air in larger spaces like classrooms or halls.

ZAQ Galaxy Essential Oil Diffuser LiteMist Ultrasonic Aromatherapy...
LiteMist aromatherapy system silently mists essential oils into your space; ZAQ Galaxy is BPA free and made of safe, health­friendly materials

PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser

PureSpa Essential Oil Diffuser

PureSpa brings the all-natural healing power of aromatherapy to your home or office with a stylish design that complements any décor. Doubling as a cool-mist humidifier, this appliance can be used with or without essential oil to moisturize the dry air during any season. When oils are used, PureSpa’s safe, non-heating diffusion maintains the integrity of your essential oils so you can enjoy their full aromatherapeutic benefits. It has an optional color-changing LED lighting creates a relaxing ambiance and soft night glow while ionizer feature helps lift the mood and relieve stress


Area coverage is 250 square feet

• It has a tank capacity of 100ml.

• Has a runtime of up to 7 hours.


• It has an auto-safety shutoff which makes it ideal to use in a house with children.

• Its silent operation makes it ideal where tranquility is a priority.

• It requires close monitoring since the runtime between refills is only 6 hours. This can be challenging where the humidifier is required over extended periods.


• Enables users to diffuse essential oils that have unlimited health benefits.

• It has a display of humidity levels which enables one to keep an eye and adjust accordingly or switch off the humidifier if need be.

• The humidifier operates with almost undetectable noise thanks to the innovative ultrasound technology.

Klarstein Ultrasonic Humidifier and Purifier

Klarstein Ultrasonic Humidifier and Purifier

This ionized mist diffuser is one of few in the market with remarkable features. It comes in a 1.6-gallon capacity and three customizable power levels. The nozzles are rotatable which makes it possible to direct mist away from when it is not needed like away from the pets.


• Runtime if 6 hours between refills.

• Its tank capacity is 1.6 gallons.


• Short runtime which can be attributed to its small capacity.


Mist humidifiers are tailored to increase the relative humidity into the air. However, in recent times, these important appliances can do more than that. They can make the air around us healthier by reducing the bacteria in the air causing many flu and cold-related diseases. Having one that combines ultrasound technology, you would make yourself a paradise of tranquility. Buying decisions will always boil down to personal consideration after looking at various factors as discussed in the earlier sections of the article.

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