Filter Vs No Filter Humidifier: A Detailed Study

filterHumidifier is an essential household appliance for increasing humidity or moisture of the room in the arid regions or in the dry months of winter. It is also instrumental for maintaining a healthy humidity level all through the year. A low level of humidity can be proved detrimental in causing different skin as well as breathing problems. It is also harmful for the interior as well as the furniture of the house. So it is essentially important to know about the available types of the humidifier in detail for selecting the most convenient one.

Different types of humidifiers that are available in the market can be precisely divided into two types in accordance to their working function and mechanism. These two types are:

  1. Filter humidifier and
  2. No filter humidifier

The differences between filter humidifier and no filter humidifier:

There are some obvious differences between filter and no filter humidifier. The main differences are basically based on the mechanism of these two types. Apart from that there are also some remarkable differences concerning price considerations and operation noise.

The filter humidifiers are considered to be the most used type they are being used for decades. The filter humidifiers works by boiling and drawing water to a unit near the fan by using the filter. Then the fan expels the water in the form of spray or water mist. On the other hand most of the no filter humidifiers produce water mist by using sound variations having high frequency and the mist add moisture in the room once it is expelled from the humidifier.

The no filter humidifiers generally discharge much gray or white dust compared to those having filters. These dusts are mainly mineral deposits of water the amount of which depends on the source of the water. The reason a no filter humidifier expels more dust than a filtered one is that it contains no filter for trapping the mineral deposits of water.

Another main difference between these two types of humidifier is the operation noise. As in most of the filter humidifiers the fan plays the most significant role, it is quite natural that they do make enough noise. On the other hand the absence of fans in most of the no filter humidifiers makes them operate quite silently than the filter humidifiers.

The price considerations are another aspect in which these two types differ. The filter humidifiers are cheaper in price than the non filtered ones. But as they have filters that are needed to wash or change after a certain time, the filtered humidifiers cause much maintenance cost. In the case of the no filter ones the case is just the opposite. They are costly than the filter humidifiers, but the later maintenance cost is minimal.

The Advantages of Filter Humidifiers:

The main advantage of filter humidifier is its capability of removing bacteria and minerals from water before dispensing it in the air. As in filter humidifiers the water is filtered properly it is much friendly to the users having respiratory sensitivities or allergies. Another advantage of this type of humidifier is that the water that is used need not necessarily to be boiled. Since the water passes the process of filtering in this type of humidifier, it expels lesser gray or white dust into the atmosphere.  Most of the filter humidifiers have simple operation process and for the very reason they are generally inexpensive and therefore fits any budget.

Advantages of No Filter Humidifiers:

The main advantage of no filter humidifiers is its silent operating process. As these kinds of humidifiers in most of the cases don’t have any fan they function quite silently and that is the reason many people find no filter humidifiers much convenient. Another positive aspect is the low maintenance cost. Since there is no filter in these humidifiers they need not to be changed after a certain time. They obviously need some cleaning, but the cleaning process is easy and convenient.

Though there are some basic differences between filter and no filter humidifiers both are used by a considerable number of people. Both of the types have got some positive as well as negative aspects. Whether the humidifier is filtered or non filtered, the most important thing is that, proper and regular maintenance is a must for long and useful service.

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