What to Look for in a Bedroom Humidifier

What to Look for in a Bedroom HumidifierWhen looking for a perfect bedroom humidifier, one must take into account the noise, power consumption and a number of other elements.

So you’ve turned on the heating, and after a night or two at home, you begin to notice the symptoms of dried out air.

Itchy, dry throat, teary eyes, and irritated airways – they aren’t as dangerous as they are annoying, and sleeping in a room with low humidity makes waking up – a hard task – even harder.

But turning the heater off during the night isn’t a solution as much as it’s simply choosing a lesser evil, and getting an air humidifier would solve that problem.

But choosing a proper humidifier isn’t a simple task.  Do you choose an evaporator, an ultrasonic humidifier, or do you choose a steam humidifier? If you choose the steam one, do you go for a warm-mist or a cool-mist one?

Questions unanswered

How much power do they consume? Are they a health risk? Are they easy, or complicated to maintain? How much humidity is optimal for a room? Will your humidifier be strong enough to moisturize the entire bedroom? Will it send too much water into the air? Are they a noisy machine that will wake you up during the night?

All of these questions need answering, and they all play an important role in choosing the right humidifier for your bedroom.

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For me, a bedroom humidifier must, first and foremost, be an extremely quiet machine. Humidifiers tend to make noise, and if you plan on placing it in a room where you sleep, it could turn out to be a huge problem and a waste of investment.

Ultrasonic humidifiers are known to be the quietest on the market. Not completely silent, but they will produce a very subtle, soft noise.

Health concerns

If not cleaned properly and regularly, humidifiers can pose a health risk. Mould, bacteria and viruses can spread through the humidifier and cause different illnesses, such as the flu.

If health is your primary concern, warm-mist humidifier is the best option. Boiled water makes it hard for bacteria and viruses to spread, and adding an ionic silver stick nullifies the threat of bacteria and viruses.

The optimal humidity in the room varies between 30 and 50 percent. Knowing the percentage of humidity before turning the humidifier on can help achieve the best results and prevent a possible over humidification of the room. That’s why investing in a hygrometer, a device that measures the relative humidity, would be a smart decision.

Most humidifiers are AC powered, which means they will consume a certain amount of electricity while being used. Some humidifiers have an auto shut-off option, that turns the machine off after several hours of use, or when all the water in the machine has evaporated.

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Choosing such humidifier can help save money, and still bring the desired effect to your bedroom.

All these elements are important when choosing a perfect humidifier for your bedroom, and ignoring one might leave you with a device you wouldn’t want to use.

Not only is it a waste of money, but also leaves you with a dried out room that can reduce the quality of your sleep, deteriorate your health and damage your furniture.


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